The registration requirement is an option of the package author. This package has that option set.

    Advantages for regular Users

  1. Get PHP Job Offers

    If you are looking for PHP jobs you can join the PHP professionals directory for free to announce you are available for hiring.

    Developers listed in the PHP professionals directory may receive alert e-mail messages when a new job is posted in the PHP jobs board.

  2. Get Support From the Authors

    Each package has a dedicated forum on which you can ask for help when you have difficulties using the package.

    The author is notified by e-mail when a new message is posted in his package forum, so he can come to the forum and reply to your support requests as soon as possible.

  3. Know When Packages of Your Interest are Updated

    The site keeps track of logged users that download each package. You may get alert messages by e-mail when an author updates the files of a package you have previously downloaded.

    This way you can always be notified to get the latest version of a package, which may include important new features or had prior bugs fixed.

    Advantages for Package Authors

  1. Rise in the Authors Rankings

    Everyday, the site counts the number of registered users that have downloaded each package. Several rankings are built to give more evidence to the authors that had their packages downloaded and appreciated by more users.

    These rankings were created intentionally to encourage authors to keep contributing more and better packages.

  2. Get User Feedback and Recognition

    Registered users that download your packages may rate them on different aspects. Users may enter comments greating authors that publish very satisfactory packages. These comments appear posted in the public forum of each package.

    Top rated packages may also get additional visibility in package listings grouped by category, keyword or top rated packages rankings.

  3. Get the Attention of Your Package Users

    When you release a new version of a package, the site sends alert messages to users that have previously downloaded the package, letting them know about the new version.

    This way your users may come to the site, download the new package version, and provide you feedback about the improvements you have made.

    Also, each package has its own blog. There you can post articles talking about the package features or asking for feedback from the users. When a new package blog post is released, users that have downloaded the package before may get alert messages to come to the site to read the articles and eventually post comments about them.